May 30, 2009

Sushi Zen

If you Google "Sushi Zen Las Vegas" you'll read some horrifying reviews of this Sushi bar. But, like everything else in life, don't believe everything you read. Sushi Zen is some of the most fun sushi we've had in ages.

In the last 6 months, we have been to Sushi Zen on Craig Rd. at least once a month. I'll be the first to point out that sushi is a delicious and easy way to get a great vegan meal. I'd never liked "fish" sushi in the past, but I love vegetable sushi. I love the ocean flavor of the seaweed, and being the carb-eating monster that I am, I could eat sushi rice by the barrel.

One of the best features of visiting a sushi bar is the pleasure of speaking directly to the chef. The two chefs on Craig Rd. know me by sight and hardly even wait for me to open my mouth before they build my rolls! Chef personally makes me a roll with pickled potato root, avacado, zuchinni, carrot, asparagus, shitake mushroom, microgreens, daikon, cucumber and tofu. Fantastic!!

The last time I sat at the bar to eat my sushi, the man next to me commented that my vegetable roll looked more appetizing than his and that he would be trying this the next time around! I'm not looking to convert everyone to veganism, just to spread the word that veggies are not just colorful to look at. Sushi is an art, it's not "raw fish" as some people like to point out to me. ("How can you eat sushi? Isn't that raw fish?") In fact, the word "sushi" refers to the rice itself combined with the vinegar.

They are generous with their wasabi here and the pickled ginger is crisp & spicy. And nothing makes me feel tough like testing my tolerance level of wasabi!!

Sushi Zen is receiving 5 sprouts for their awesome sushi and service. As always, Sushi is one of the easiest ways to go vegan!

Sushi Zen
4210 West Craig Rd.
North Las Vegas, NV

Please Note:

Sushi can have "hidden" fish, even in the vegetable rolls. When you order a veggie roll, ask the chef or server exactly what will be in it. There have been a couple of incidents where fish flakes, crab sticks or omelette is added. Word to the wise: just like any other restaurant, ask for verification of any questionable ingredients.

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