December 25, 2009

Hugo's Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

Hi. My name is Lisa & I'm a Hugo's addict.

Any guesses as to how many times The Vegas Vegan has dined at Hugo's....? I think 10 times in the last 5 months. It might even be more...

The best thing about Hugo's is the fact that I can find something different to eat every time. With so many choices, I refuse to limit myself to one favorite dish. Considering the limitations of other restaurant menus, it would be irresponsible of me not to take advantage of Hugo's menu!!
  • Use their handy guide to find the right dish for you:
- Vegan
- Vegetarian
- Gluten-Free
() - Can be Vegan
() - Can be Vegetarian
() - Can be Gluten-Free

My favorite items so far have been the creative pancakes they have! In November, they featured a Sweet Potato Pancake on their specials menu - served with spiced agave nectar & bananas. I have been dreaming about those pancakes for weeks, so imagine my excitement when I saw this month's special:

Gluten-Free Energy Pancakes
Our gluten-free, vegan pancakes blended with our energy granola which features pumpkin seeds, quinoa, almonds, shredded coconut, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, puffed rice, dried cherries & cranberries, cinnamon & maple syrup. Topped with sliced bananas and served with spiced agave syrup.

I admit, I have never eaten gluten-free pancakes before! They were delicious & if I didn't know better, I wouldn't have known they were gluten-free. They were crunchy & sweet, and now I am dreaming about these...

Indian Frankies ()
Frankies are the quintessential Mumbai (Bombay) street food. They are the Indian version of wraps. Ours contains Indian spiced roasted vegetables with leafy greens and peas blended with our Tika masala sauce and wrapped in a Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla. Served with cilantro-mint chutney, plain yogurt and a jicama cucumber salad with orange segments and cherry tomatoes.

Avocado-Hummus Wrap
Spinach tortilla wrapped around avocado, tomato, cucumber, hemp hummus & sunflower sprouts with a drizzle of sesame-ginger dressing.

The Very Green Protein Burrito
Our most nutrient rich and delicious burrito ever. Filled with green organic lentils, roasted garlic, steamed leafy greens, guacamole and green rice. Wrapped in a spinach flour tortilla and topped with an avocado-tomatillo sauce and mozarella or vegan cheese. Choice of organic mixed greens or crispy fries.

Two other dishes I've had recently were off of the Specials menu:
Portabella Mushroom stew
Moroccan Vegetable stew

And I certainly need to try the green juice at some point (though I admit to being a vegan who is deathly afraid of green liquids!)

They make a wonderful soy latte as well - although I needed to add 3 packs of Sugar in the Raw - and drew me a beautiful leaf design in the foam. Be still my heart...

GO TO HUGO's!!! (oh, and Hugo's: hire me for advertising!!)

I give Hugo's 5 Sprouts, although this place is in a class all it's own.

12851 Riverside Drive
Studio City, CA 91607
(818) 761-8985

8401 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 654-3993


ChristineR said...

I, too, am a huge fan of Hugo's. Clients took me there and I was hooked (though for some reason, I had trouble remembering the name of the restaurant in spite of knowing that it had the same name as a LV restaurant). Another favorite in LA is Native Foods (also in Palm Springs and Costa Mesa). All vegan and the Bali burger is so good that my husband (an omni) is always happy to go. Also recommend the Mecca Azteca salad and the Ghandi Bowl. Shoot, now I'm hungry.

Anyway, I'm happy to find your blog--I live in San Diego now but was raised in LV and it's good to have a source for vegan-friendly places in my home town.

Lisa S. said...

Mmmm!! This will be my first trip to LA where I don't go to Hugo's at least twice! OMG! what will I do??! We're going to Typhoon instead. :)

filipino singles said...

I LOVE HUGO'S too! No not haute cuisine, but healthy and for those with food allergies a godsend. I never have to worry that sneaky gluten made its way into my meal. My vegan, vegetarian and other finicky eaters can always find something great as well.