About Me

Welcome to "The Vegas Vegan"!

My name is Lisa S., and I have been a dedicated vegetarian since 1990, with the exception of the meat-eating fiasco that was my pregnancy in 2001.  I never found it difficult to dine as a lacto-vegetarian; most restaurants have at least one vegetarian item on their menu, albeit smothered in cheese or cream sauce. I was used to this way of dining until 2007 when I decided to go vegan and got a huge wake-up call...

How do you eat out at a mainstream restaurant as a vegan?! Even if the chefs are trained in vegetarian cooking, you can't always count on the waitstaff to be as helpful.  Initially, I shied away from dining out, but after a few successful outings with a yoga friend, I became not only brave, but expected that every restaurant would be able to feed me.

For the last 3 years, I have been dining out without fear, and it has become my mission to pass along what I learn in each restaurant to you, my fellow veg*ns, and to the people who love you who may not be veg*n.

My partner, who I lovingly refer to as Friand, is most definitely not a vegan. When we order our meals, we get funny looks from the server as I order my vegan meal and he orders something from the complete opposite end of the spectrum.  Love & respect are a huge part of this equation as we met long after our own eating patterns were well established. We do not criticize each other for our differing choices, and defend the other fiercely because of this. I love him the way he is, what he eats has no bearing on my feelings, and he loves me for the same reasons.

My mission, then, is to be a functioning vegan everywhere and with as little disruption to my life as possible. I don't ever want to be "that vegan" who can't eat out so no one invites me to dinner!! I'm out to prove that vegan food is everywhere, and not all of us are self-righteous militants. Some of us have not only a sense of humor, but an open mind and a sense of adventure.

Be aware, that for this blog, I try to avoid reviewing "purely vegan" establishments. If I can find good food to eat at "mainstream" restaurants and spread the word around, then so can you!

Thank you for reading, and if you have any favorite restaurants I should visit, please send me a message & I will do my best to get there!!