July 22, 2008

Vegas Vegan Travels East

And there they go! The Vegas Vegan and child take to the skies on July 15th for a week long visit with family & friends on the east coast.

First stop: Albany, NY, to visit her one and only brother.

My brother was kind enough to purchase foods that I could eat: soy milk, Cheerios, fresh fruit, rice, broccoli, and even a trip to the store to indulge in some soy ice cream!

The problem came on Thursday morning when my brother suggested we go to the Saratoga County Fair. I didn't panic: before we left his house, I helped myself to a banana & a small bowl of cereal expecting that I would not find anything suitable to eat at the fair.

So where is a vegan going to find actual vegan food at a county fair? Just follow the big sign that says "Vegetarian Gyros" to a trailer with a guy making....gyros... After a quick ingredient check with the cook behind the grill, he proceeded to show me that the flat top grill was only used for bread & vegetables, the open flame was for the meats. (I'm not sure I 100% believed him, but I did not get sick after this meal, so I'm guessing he was telling the truth) He built me a beautiful gyro with green & yellow zucchini, broccoli & cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers & onions, cooked with olive oil & wine, served in a soft-grilled pita. He held the masterpiece in his hand before asking me: "The sauce has yogurt in it, do you want that or extra oil?" Be still my heart... I'll take the oil please.

Mediterranean carnival food:

After NY, we rented a car & drove to Williamstown, MA, to spend 3 days with my in-laws. The main even would be my husband's cousin's wedding. This had me the worried: would I find anything to eat??? Turns out, I had nothing to worry about!

Hors d'oeuvres were served, and I stood away from the food. Chicken satay, spring rolls, and various other animal related finger foods were circulating among the guests. One waitress walked up carrying a tray of corn cakes. "Do you know what's in these? I'm vegan and I'm just worried about eating something that isn't appro...-"

"Don't worry! I'll ask the chef what we have for you!" And off she trotted to the kitchen tent to confer with the chef. From this point on, I kid you not, I had my own personal server. She would make a line straight from the kitchen to me with the corn cakes (which turned out to be completely vegan - no eggs, either!) and samosas. Yumm-O! As we were finding our seats, she approached me with a plate. It had a pile of tomato/watermelon salad. "The chef wanted me to send this to you because the one that everyone else will be served will have feta cheese."

The buffet was vegan friendly! Sauteed vegetables and couscous were yummy and satisfying! The wedding was catered by Mezze, so if you're ever in the Berkshires looking for great food, check them out!

Mezze catering:
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