June 22, 2009

Food, Inc.

From Ashley at Magnolia Pictures:

"On Friday, July 3rd, Food Inc. will be opening in Las Vegas. Due to the film's messages about the importance of purchasing local, sustainable foods and the dangers of the industrialization of food, we think that your site's audience would strongly identify with "Food, Inc."

One concept I support, across the board, is healthy eating. Healthy foods in our schools, healthy foods available by food stamps, healthy choices in our grocery stores and more local, sustainable, slow foods. I do not eat meat, but I do care deeply about what my family & friends eat. If I can help just one person make a more compassionate or conscious choice when it comes to their food, then my work on this earth is done.

A quick scan around The Official Food, Inc., Movie Site brings us a quick overview on the issues presented in the film. Issues that concern all of us. And don't forget to visit the blog: Hungry For Change

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We're going to see it as a group. Here are the details: